Framing Your PosterCandy

PosterCandy prints looks stunning hung as a casual poster or framed. We currently produce and ship PosterCandy as an unframed photographic print. We do this because we believe that framing is an individual thing best left to you. 

Instead we've designed PosterCandy so that most sizes fit straight into IKEA frames. You can also find similar frames at Target, Country Road and other homeware shops. 

We also offer Premium Mounting to gallery grade 3mm aluminium composite panel, with rear hanging rails. See our article on Aluminium Mounting for more details.

(Note that the Poster Size on each PosterCandy is nominal, a tad smaller than the frame, to ensure that it fits the frame without buckling)

Ikea Frame Sizes

When looking for an IKEA frame for your PosterCandy you'll want to match the PosterCandy size to the 'picture without mount' size quoted by IKEA. This almost always matches with the frame dimensions.

PosterCandy Size 18x24 30x40 40x50 50x50 61x91

70x100 A0
Available at IKEA Yes Yes Yes  Yes Yes No No
IKEA Frame Size  18x24cm 30x40cm 40x50cm 50x50cm 61x91cm N/A N/A

What about matting?

Some IKEA frames include a photo mat designed to give a border to your pictures. The matting is removable and the above measurements assume you are placing your PosterCandy directly into the frame. Your PosterCandy may work with the IKEA matting but you will need to double check the sizes.

Why not have your PosterCandy mounted ready to hang?

We're pleased to announce that we now offer a premium mounting service right here in house. We'll mount your PosterCandy to a premium, gallery grade, 3mm aluminium composite panel which includes our custom made hanging system. The hanging system is ready to use in all orientations and will float your PosterCandy 13mm off the wall. Felt pads protect your wall finish. 

This premium mounting choice is bound to make your PosterCandy look even more amazing in your home or office. Also great for those who want to give the perfect, ready to use gift. 

To add mounting to any PosterCandy simply build your poster as you would normally and then select aluminium mounting from the mounting options box on the order review page. 

Looking for custom framing or larger sizes? 

Ian Knox of Just Frame Kits sells handmade aluminium frame kits for just about any size. His kits are shipped to your door and are easily assembled. You can get in touch with Ian or place an order from his website - use coupon code postercandy for 10% off. 

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