How is my order packed?


PosterCandys are carefully hand wrapped with tissue interleave and placed into a tube we have specially made to offer the best protection. These tubes are light, yet strong. They're made using thinner paper than normal, more winds and a harder glue. Hence light and strong.

Shipping costs are applicable to each tube so if you've ordered more than one PosterCandy we ship them in a single tube to reduce your costs.

The tube is fully recyclable and can be kept for future storage or transport of your PosterCandy.

PhotoCandy and RetroCandy singles

These are flat packed with card for protection and them shipped to you in an envelope. 

Regretfully we can't pack these with the PosterCandy due to the PosterCandy tube size and the curl that they would inherit, so that's a no-go. Although all products are hand made and packed in our Sydney facility, if you order PosterCandy and PhotoCandy in the same order they will arrive as separate shipments so both arrive to you as they should - absolutely perfect.

Mounted prints

Mounted prints come ready to hang on your hooks or system. They are shipped flat - a little larger than the size you ordered, fully protected in a recyclable re-usable rigid card case.

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