These are no ordinary prints. PosterCandy and PhotoCandy singles are all produced using the original and best Kodak Endura Premium Archival gelatin silver emulsion film.

Exposed into the emulsion, these RGB colour prints are ideal as used for Photographic Exhibitions, Professional Photographers, Galleries and Museums and the surface finish is really nice, unique, and can't be match with inkjet.

In the near future we will introduce Metallic Photographic as an option. These prints are totally amazing. If you've already seen them you'll know what we mean when we say amazing. Contact us if you'd like a sample with your next order.

Product Price (incl. GST) Standard Postage
18x24  $15.00 12.99
30x40  $29.00 12.99
40x50  $39.00 12.99
50x50  $49.00 12.99
50x70  $59.00 12.99
61x91  $79.00 12.99
70x100  $79.00 12.99
84x119  $99.00 12.99
Retro 65c 4.99
Square 65c 4.99
Large Retro 65c intro offer 4.99
Large Square 65c intro offer 4.99

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