Hanging System

Hang it!

Our funky Magnetic Hangers are the snappiest way to show your favourite experiences. Hand-made from natural Ramin wood because of its’ light-weight rigid strength, we ship 4 pieces with each order (1 set). Two pieces for the top and two pieces for the bottom.
Simply lay your poster / photo on a flat surface and sandwich your print between two hangers on the top and bottom edges. The top hanger comes with its own hanging cord -  so easy to use. We’ve left some as natural ramen and hand-painted some of the others black, and some white. Choose the size and colour you want.
Use again and again, simply snap in a new PosterCandy/PhotoStrip in seconds.

Select ‘Hangers’ during the checkout. We’ll then send the right size for your portrait or landscape order along with your PosterCandy shipment.

Prices are per set of 4 shipped with your PosterCandy/PhotoStrip order

Large PhotoStrip (x3) $21
Giant PhotoStrip (x2) $16
18x24 PosterCandy $8
30x40 PosterCandy $11
40x50 PosterCandy $13
50x50 PosterCandy $14
50x70 PosterCandy $16
61x91 PosterCandy $18
70x100 PosterCandy $20
84x119 PosterCandy $23

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