Environmental Policy


PosterCandy is a large format digital printing company. We use various print technologies to produce posters and photographs.

PosterCandy is committed to managing its operation and business activities in an environmentally responsible way to minimise and where possible avoid adverse effects on the natural environment and surroundings.


In implementing this policy we will:

  •  conduct operations to comply with all our legal requirements;
  • continually improve our environmental performance; especially associated with noise, odour, waste and energy use with a focus on reuse, recycling and responsible disposal of waste;
  • ensure that environmental considerations form part of our business planning and decision-making processes;
  • promote a culture of responsible environmental management by making this document publicly available and communicating openly and constructively with our staff and the wider community;
  • regularly review and upgrade our environmental objectives and targets in keeping with our legal requirements and ensuring continual improvement in our environmental performance;
  • ensure our staff and contractors are aware of this policy and provide appropriate education and training to achieve a culture of responsible environmental management.

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