How to Upload and Edit Photos in the Builder

How do I upload photos?

Once you have selected your product and number of images required, a prompt will appear and ask you to Upload your Photos.  This can be done through direct 'Upload', 'Existing Projects' (photos you may have already saved with other projects) or 'Instagram'.

Select the photos you wish to use and press upload.  To select multiple photos from your mobile device, you can drag or slide your finger across multiple photos to select more than one photo.

You will then come to the builder screen which will give you some prompts. On a mobile device you can simply press on an empty square and your photos that you uploaded will appear along the bottom where you can drag and drop or select AutoFill.  If on a larger device, press the 'Pictures' icon on the left hand side which will take you to your uploaded photos for this project. Select the one you wish to use and drag into position or press Auto Fill which randomly places the images on your PosterCandy.

Editing or Shuffling Images

You can drag an image from one square to another to move them around but if EDITED (ie cropping altered, image zoomed in etc) then the editing you have done will be lost.  Same occurs when using the Shuffle button below,  Any edited images will be lost and go back to the original preview. Best way is to get your images in the order you wish and then do your editing.

To edit an image simply press on the image and the editing functions will appear.

Shuffle Button

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