Can I reprint an old PosterCandy or place an order for one I have started?

Can I reprint an old PosterCandy print from the previous software?

Yes you can print a previous job.  You will need to email us at and give us your email account and name and we can give you access through a different URL to the previous software where you can reprint a previous job you have saved or purchased.  Access to this will be for a limited time and once that time has completed, there will be an opportunity to reprint the exact same file with no alterations from our archived files pending how far back the print was completed.

Can I complete my PosterCandy print from the previous software?

For a limited time we will give those clients access to the old software and their previous accounts where they can finish creating any PosterCandy products they may have started and not completed.  You will not be able to start a new project, this will need to be done in the new software where you will need to setup a new account and upload any images you wish to use.  Simply email us at and we can give you the information you require.

Once you have placed your order, you will be taken back to our current main page where you can order new products (but you will need to setup a new account in the new software).  If you need to log back into the old software you will need to enter the URL we provide you to make any alterations.

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